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Get to Know Idania Reyes, Co-field trainer with Roy Lara

By Betsy Agle

For the past year, Idania Reyes has been responsible for the SVH programs relating to health, women and children, and increasing income.  Four people representing Sustainable Villages Honduras observed Idania leading a natural medicines workshop. The workshop was held in El Chol, a small community about an hour’s walk uphill from El Tule.    Read more

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Organizing to Protect Water at its Source

By Betsy Agle

It is now apparent that the huge issue facing rural Honduran communities is water. There has been a shortage of rain and unpredictability about when rain comes.  A great deal of the available water has been contaminated by upstream usage of chemical herbicides. A high rate of deforestation has contributed to a sharp reduction in the amount of water available for households and agriculture. Read more


Photo Diary - Honduras trip 2017

By Jack Murphy

Last month I spent a week living and working with farming communities in the Santa Bárbara department of Honduras. Unlike my trip back in October to the same region, this time around I was not the lone American. Other veterans of the Trinidad Conservation Project, Bill, Mary, and Ryan, flew down from DC and joined me in San Pedro Sula, where I arrived from Nicaragua. Together working with our partner organization Vecinos Honduras, we set out to listen, learn, document, and help promote sustainable agricultural practices in Trinidad’s surrounding farming communities in the mountains. Read more