The Challenge

The SVH program is located in the Department of Santa Barbara, one of the poorest areas in Honduras. Food scarcity and deforestation are profound problems.

Traditional farming methods including slash-and -burn have reduced the agricultural yield. Daily employment is hard to find and pays only $5 a day. 

The SVH communities are no exception.


Climate change hits hard in Honduras. It reduces both the amount of rainfall and the months with any rain at all. When it comes, rainfall comes it comes in torrents. The impact of climate change to the families participating in the SVH program are
profound: droughts, less water for personal use and irrigation, more soil erosion,and ultimately more hunger and lower income for the population in rural communities.


The communities we support have the basic services of electricity and gravity-fed water. However, there are many indications of poverty: 3 of the water systems are in bad repair; 37% of the homes have dirt floors. In the new communities of Ilama, almost all of the homes are still using old stoves with no ventilation; half of the households have no outdoor structures with toilets or cement washtubs to collect water for family use.

I have seen in the developing world that climate change there is not a theory, is not a future threat: it is a contemporary crisis.
— Douglas Alexander, Former Minister of State for Europe